A Guide to Men's Jeans

When it comes to buying men's jeans, you need to make sure you know the ins and outs to suit your style. Denim jeans can be a great asset to your casual and smart outfit and the best thing about them is they can last for years.

Looking after your jeans properly and buying a fit that suits your build will have you're wearing them longer than you might think. This guide will run you through useful tips on buying men's jeans that suit you.

Getting the right fit when buying men's jeans

There are two measurements that you need to be aware of buying men's jeans, your waist and your length. To make sure you get this right, grab a tape measure and wrap it around your waist, just above the hips to get a reading of your hip size.

Then, you need to measure the inside leg which will determine the length size of the jeans that you purchase. Your inside leg runs from the part that the two legs join between your legs right down to the ankle or a bit longer if you’re buying classic jeans. If it helps, where a piece of footwear.

Different jean shapes

You’ll have a personal preference for the comfort of jeans that you like to purchase. If you prefer them to be loose or tight to the leg, there’s a jean style for it. Use this guide as a benchmark for what you prefer.

Straight Leg: These are more commonly known as regular or loose fit jeans. They are simple fitting jeans that cut from the hips straight down to the legs. This particular fit can suit outfits that are baggy and loose, like a jumper or shirt.

Slim Fit: This is for the man who prefers their jeans a bit tighter and slightly skinnier to the straight leg fitting jeans. The leg openings can be larger but the lining gets slimmer the further down it gets towards the ankle.

If you have rather broad shoulders that align with your waist, this will be great for emphasising your build. They also tend to have a lower rise waist which requires you to wear them lower than your normal waistline. Our Kago jeans offer a great tailored fit that's great for all occasions. 

Skinny Fit: If you really want to accentuate your leg build, the skinny fit jeans will help to do this. This is commonly known as the super-slim fit or spray-on jeans style.

These are the modern style jeans that wrap around your thighs and legs, tapering into the ankles. For comfort, the jeans are made with stretch material so that they’re easy to get on and can easily sit around your footwear.

The main thing when it comes to buying men's jeans is that they’re comfortable fitting and fit your build and height well. Once you discover the correct length and fitting that you prefer, you’ll find it relatively simple to purchasing your jeans in the future.