How to Choose a Watch to Suit your Style

Here at Violent Rose, we embrace individuality and believe that individual style is what makes this world great. A timepiece is great investment and can help you to express your own sense of style. Choosing the right timepiece can be quite a difficult task, as there are lots of styles, colours and brands to choose from. 

When choosing a watch, it’s important to think about when and where you’re going to wear it. For example, you would never wear your everyday watch to a formal event. Here are some tips on how to choose a watch to suit your style.  



Whether you’re going out or going to a black-tie event, it’s important to look the part. Finding a good formal watch will make your outfit look sharp and can be a good conversation starter. 

When choosing a formal watch, avoid rubber straps as they can downgrade your look. Instead, go for a timeless black leather or metal strap, as this will make you look distinguished and well-dressed. 


Casual Wear

A day to day watch can be as simple or extravagant as you like, it all depends on your personal style. If you like a more eclectic look, then opting for an unusual piece such as a skeleton watch can really help to create the overall aesthetic that you want. Choose a piece that you would be happy to wear every day for the rest of the year. 

Simple and contemporary design doesn’t have to be boring. The saying “less is more” can be applied to choosing a watch, so a modern contemporary design with clean lines and minimal colour combinations is ideal. Black, gold and silver are classic colour choices for the watch face, bezel and detailing.  


Colour scheme

When choosing the right watch colour for you, it’s important to consider what kinds of colours you wear on a day to day basis. If you are bold with your outfit choices, then choose a bold watch to match. Whereas, if you wear muted or neutral tones, a more earthy coloured watch such as a brown colour could suit you better.

When choosing a watch, simplicity is key, so remember that what is in style now may not be in style when the seasons change. A watch is more of a long-term commitment, so opting for a classic and timeless style is the best way to go.